Stop Being Reasonable How We Really Change Our Minds

By Eleanor Gordon-Smith

What if your most deeply held beliefs turn out to be wrong?


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In Stop Being Reasonable, Eleanor Gordon-Smith takes a journey to the limits of human reason.

Here, she tells the storis of people who have radically altered their beliefs–from the woman who had to reckon with her husband’s terrible secret to the man who finally left the cult he had been raised in since birth. Gordon-Smith shows how we can change the course of our own lives, and asks: What made someone change course? How should their reversals affect how we think about our own beliefs? And in an increasingly divided world, what do they teach us about how we might change the minds of others?

Inspiring, perceptive, and moving, Stop Being Reasonable explores why resistance to evidence is often rooted in self-preservation and fear, why we feel shame in admitting we are wrong, and why who we believe is often more important than what we believe. This fascinating book will completely change the way you look at the power of persuasion.

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