Son of Samson and the Maiden of Thunder Volume 3

By Gary Martin

Samson’s mighty son Branan traces his famous father’s footsteps as he battles with Philistines. Throughout the different episodes, with both humor and action, he learns about God’s purpose for his life and inherited strength. Will the mighty Branan finally be beaten…by a GIRL!?!?


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Will the mighty Branan finally be beaten … by a girl?!? When Branan agrees to wrestle Zarah, the undefeated champion of Gezer, he knows the prize money will quickly be his. But what makes this muscular girl so confident? After hours of fighting, he discovers the truth―she’s his half-sister! The joy of their meeting is cut short, however, when Hebrew youths deface a massive Philistine idol. Even with their combined strength, can the son and daughter of Samson save the Hebrew community from their enemies’ anger?

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