Sing Her Down

By Ivy Pochoda


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Florence “Florida” Bum is not the hapless innocent she claims to be when she arrives at the Arizona women’s prison–or so her ex-cellmate Diosmary Sandoval keep insinuating.

Dios knows the truth about Florida’s crimes, understands what Florence hides even from herself: that she was never a victim of circumstance, and unlucky bystander misled by a bad man. Dios knows that darkness lives in women too, despite the world’s refusal to see it. And she is determined to open Florida’s eyes and unleash her true self.

When an unexpected reprieve gives both women their freedom, Dios’s fixation on Florida turns into a dangerous obsession, and a deadly cat-and-mouse chase ensues from Arizona to the desolate streets of Los Angeles.

With blistering, incisive prose, the award winning author Ivy Pochoda delivers a razor-sharp Western. Gripping and immersive, Sing Her Down is a spellbinding thriller setting two indelible women on a path to certain destruction and an epic, stunning showdown.

Category: Genre: Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Westerns sku: 9780374612320

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