Seventh Son and Red Prophet 2 Books in 1 The First Two Volumes of The Tales of Alvin Maker

By Orson Scott Card

Collected here in one volume, the first two books in the Alvin Maker series, Seventh Son and Red Prophet.


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From the author of Ender’s Game, an unforgettable story about young Alvin Maker: the seventh son of a seventh son. Born into an alternative frontier America where life is hard and fold magic is real, Alvin is gifted with power. He must learn to use his knacks wisely. But dark forces are arrayed against Alvin, and only a young girl with second sight can protect him.

In Red Prophet, young Alvin begins to understand the nature of his knacks, and how he can use the power of the land and its native magic to survive the attacks of the Unmaker.

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