Scribbles Journal

By Ellie Claire

The best ideas come from scribbles


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Often we discard scribbles because they are tattered pieces of paper where we have tried to get a pen to write or jotted down some harebrained idea or dashed off a quick list. But every once in a while we find a meaningful scribble: A quick note of love scratched out on a napkin; creative squiggles in the middle of a brain dump of words in an old notebook.

Quickly jotting down goals or carelessly capturing random thoughts on paper are sometimes the first steps on the road to success. They are often our most creative moments. They represent raw longings, dreams, or callings. Often they are what we produce when we aren’t sure about things but are ready to start dreaming big.

Whether it is a quick note, a long story, or doodles that go on for pages, use this journal to capture all the scratches, scrawls, and squiggles that define your thoughts and goals. Move the pencil lead, try out the markers, test the ink.

What are you waiting for?

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