Reflections for Newlyweds 365 Daily Meditations

By Ellen Sue Stern

A new life together: one day at a time!


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Each day of a marriage holds the promise of growth, discovery, and love. The daily reflections in this book nurture a couple through the ups, downs, and in-betweens along the journey of love.

Designed for newlyweds to read together, this book will open lines of fruitful communication to help build a strong relationship that will last for many years.

This insightful guide pairs empowering affirmations with wise and witty quotes from such varied sources as Indira Gandhi, Cher, Anais Nin, Mother Theresa, Melody Beattie, Woody Allen, and D. H. Lawrence, and it speaks to the issues that test a couple’s love–including passion, self-esteem, commitment, anger, and trust.

With words of encouragement for every day of a couple’s first year, this book will again and again offer direction, support, and inspiration from the heart.

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