Rainbow Fuzzy Sticks 400 Pack

By Horizon Group


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400 RAINBOW FUZZY STICKS: From arts and crafts parties to independent creative projects, this mega-pack includes hundreds of brightly colored fuzzy sticks for hundreds of ways to get creative!
BEND, CUT, USE & REUSE: The flexible chenille stems won’t break unless you cut them and can be straightened or reformed even after you use them. Twist, wrap, shape, and reshape away!
NO GLUE NEEDED: Soft pipe cleaners are a fun way to add fuzzy texture and dimension to your craft projects. Bend them into cute shapes without ever using glue!
FINE MOTOR & SENSORY PLAY: Whether you thread beads onto the fuzzy sticks, twist them together, or glue on wiggly eyes and pom poms, crafting with pipe cleaners is a great way to make fine motor practice and sensory play creative!
PACK INCLUDES: 400 Assorted Rainbow Fuzzy Sticks (12 inches)

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