Pigture Perfect

By Jenny Goebel


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Twelve-year-old Grace is desperate for a puppy. All she wants is someone to love-and to love her back. Someone who’ll make her new stepfather’s house feel like home.

Christmas morning, Grace springs out of bed hopeful that her dreams are about to come true. But the present that awaits her isn’t soft and furry. It’s not a puppy at all-it’s a PIG.

Grace names him Bernard and tries to make the best of the situation, even though Bernard is awful at playing fetch and walking on a leash-all the things Grace dreamed of doing with a pet. But when a good friend lands in the hospital, Grace discovers that Bernard might have a special talent for making sick people feel better.

Can Grace convince her skeptical family to get on board with training Bernard to become a certified therapy animal? Or will she and Bernard both end up out in the cold?

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