Pearl in the Mist Book 2 Book Two in the Landry Series

By V.C. Andrews

One of the most popular storytellers of all time, V.C. Andrews (Flowers in the Attic, My Sweet Audrina) continues an engrossing saga of psychological suspense wit this second book of the classic Landry family series-now a Lifetime movie series event!


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New Orleans mansions breed more snakes than the Bayou.

A year removed from living in the Louisiana bayou, Ruby still wonders at the splendor of her family’s New Orleans mansion. She rejoices in the love of the father she never knew, even as trus happiness remains as elusive as a swamp mist. Her Stepmother sneers at her backwater upbringing, and although discovering she has a twin sister should be a cause for joy, Gisselle has greeted Ruby with nothing but a bitter heart.

When Ruby’s father chooses an idyllic boarding school for his daughters’ senior year, a fresh start with Gisselle seems possible. But Ruby’s kind isn’t welcome at Greenwood, and the legendarily strict headmistress plots with her stepmother to make life miserable. Worse, with her twin on a mission to break every school rule, Ruby is left to suffer the humiliating punishments. So when a terrible tragedy leaves her alone in a world that never really wanted her, only her Cajun strength can give her daring escape plan any hope of success. The weather in the bayou was nothing compared to the storm about to tear through her family.

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