Norse Myths

By Jake Jackson

Myths, legends, folk tales and stories from around the world.


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The Vikings and their Norse gods fought a constant battle with nature. Their landscape, with its stark mountains and long nights created a particularly rough mythology, with profound contrasts and unforgettable heroes: Odin, Thor and Loki are just some of the familiar characters that maintain an influence over us today through movies, TV series and comics, as well as fantastic fiction and epic poetry. An intense sense of fate also permeates the stories, offering a view of the beginning, end and rebirth of the world. This fabulous new book offers all the main tales with an introduction to the characters and the land that inspired them.

Part of a new series on The World’s Greatest Myths and Legends, these books capture the mystery and drama of ancient legends through all the key stories and folk tales featuring gods, heroes, monsters and animals, as well as common themes such as creation, love, death and courage. Each book features an introduction to the history, landscape, characters and culture of the mythology.

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