Neon Midnight Tie-Dye Kit 8 Bottles of Color - Dyes Up to 18 Projects

By Horizon Group


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Give any plain fabrics a neon glow with this Just My Style® Neon Midnight Tie-Dye set! Complete with 8 vibrant dyes and less-mess application bottles, 20 rubber bands, and 4 pairs of protective gloves — this tie-dye set includes the essentials you need to create up to 18 to-dye-for designs! From rainbow swirls to stylish sunbursts, trendy twists, and ombré designs — follow the fully-illustrated instructions to learn how to personalize your clothing with 8 different tie-dye techniques! The tie-dye colors work best on 100% cotton and will remain vibrant by following the care tips included. This set is recommended for any tie-dye lover ages 6 and up!

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