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By National Geographic

National Geographic The Covers is the definitive cover collection from the world’s most beloved magazine. Featuring more than 600 unforgettable magazine covers, and including two spectacular eight-page foldout galleries, this volume brings together for the first time the images that have transformed our understanding of the world, from the far corners of the universe to the kingdom of microbes, and shares the amazing stories behind them.


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National Geographic’s iconic yellow border–the world’s most instantly recognizable magazine cover–has framed some of Earth’s most amazing places, animals, and people: from mummies to mammoths, outer space to remote rain forests, microscopic creatures to giant redwoods, underwater divers to extreme mountain climbers, and people across the globe. This stunning volume collects, for the first time, the very best of these unforgettable covers and shares the gripping and poignant true stories behind them.

Organized by decades, National Geographic The Covers presents a stirring portrait of life on Earth. The covers record amazing discoveries that rewrote history and celebrate the enduring beauty of our natural world.

Dozens of photographers and editors from the magazine’s history share surprising and often untold stories behind the photographs, revealing the painstaking process by which cover photographs are shot and selected. Amusing, groundbreaking, and often heartwarming stories of instant classics include Jane Goodall’s first cover, the discovery of the Titanic, and a mother lion whose photo inspired more letters than any cover in the magazine’s history.

With an introduction from the award-winning former editor in chief (and photographer of six National Geographic magazine covers) Chris Johns, National Geographic The Covers is a moving celebration of a beloved magazine and its enduring influence on our world.

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