Nala’s World

By Dean Nicholson

A heartwarming true story of the life-changing friendship between one man and his unlikely travel companion, a rescue cat named Nala, and the lessons they learned together on the road.


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When Dean Nicholson left his life in Scotland to cycle around the world, he wanted to learn more about out troubled planet. Then, on a remote road in the Bosnian mountains, Dean came across an abandoned kitten. He couldn’t leave the bedraggled creature, so he put her on his bike, smuggled her over the border to Montenegro, and nursed her back to health with the help of local vets. Dean hadn’t bargained for this unlikely companion for his travels–or the lessons he would learn from her along the way.

Now Dean tells the full story of the incredible journey that changed both their lives, from the obstacles they overcame to the remarkable people they encountered, from the animals they rescued to the acts of kindness strangers extended to them. For Dean and Nala, this journey in friendship is proof that every great adventure needs a great companion.

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