My Classics Collection Volume 2 Six Book Set Peter Pan; Treasure Island; Robin Hood; The Three Musketeers; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; The Call of the Wild

By Robert Lewis Stevenson, Jack London, J. M. Barrie, Alexandre Dumas, Howard Pyle & Jules Verne


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Readers young and old will be captivated by the swashbuckling escapades, excitement, hijinks and adventure in this slipcase of six much-beloved books in Hinkler’s My Classics Collection, Volume 2!

With each book carefully curated for its enduring tales of curiosity, perseverance, facing fears and foes, and wonder at the unknown, this second volume includes: Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and The Call of the Wild. Best of all, each hardback book is bound with colored page edges and a stunning color-illustration center section, making the slipcase collection an ideal gift or keepsake!

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