Lola on Fire

By Rio Youers

Arthur Ellis Award nominee Rio Youers combines vengeance and deceit, love and bullets, secrets, and twists in this high-octane action thriller with a vibrant emotional core.


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Brody Ellis is out of luck and out of cash. He needs to pay the rent, and his younger sister, Molly, desperately needs her medication. After their mom abandoned them a dozen years ago–Brody was just twelve–Molly has been his whole world. He promised he would always be there for her.

Desperate, he robs a convenience store, but on the way out, he bumps into a young woman and loses his wallet. Just when he expects the cops to arrive, the phone rings. It’s Blair Mayo, the woman from the store–and she’s got the missing billfold. She’ll give it back, but only if he does her a favor: steal her late mother’s diamonds from her wicked stepmom.

Cornered with no way out, Brody agrees. When he gets to the house though, he finds a gruesome crime scene–and a security camera. He’s been framed. Why?

Returning home, the terrified young man gets another call. The police won’t get the incriminating video footage, Blair says. Instead, her daddy, the notorious mobster Jimmy Latzo–a loose cannon with a string of corpses to his name–will exact his own kind of revenge.

Brody and Molly realize that they’ve become pawns in a mysterious and deadly game–one that involves a notorious enforcer named Lola Bear who brutally crossed paths with Jimmy Latzo twenty-six years ago…a ghost from the past who is intimately connected to their lives.

And there’s only one way this nightmare can end.

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