Jesus Calling The Story of Easter

By Sarah Young

Jesus Calling®: The Story of Easter? from bestselling author Sarah Young uses storytelling from throughout the Bible, simple Bible verses, and short Jesus Calling devotions to show kids how Easter was part of God’s plan from the very beginning.


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When did Easter begin? In the beginning there was only God. There was no earth. No sun or moon to shine. No stars twinkled in the sky. But God knew all that was coming, from beginning to end. So God made a beautiful plan to give His creation everything it would need. Sun and rain, land and skies. And He knew His people would need Someone to rescue them from their sins. Because He loved us so much, God would send His own Son, Jesus.

That was the beginning of Easter. God made a plan before the world even began.

Vibrant illustrations, relevant Scripture verses, and rich reflections from Young’s children’s devotional combine to make a beautiful Easter book for children eager to know more about God’s eternal love for them. Help your kids connect with God in a whole new way through? Jesus Calling®: The Story of Easter? and this closer look at how all of God’s Word points us to His plan for Easter morning.

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