Insects By The Numbers A Book of Infographics

By Steve Jenkins

From master of nonfiction Steve Jenkins comes the By the Numbers series—accessible readers packed with fascinating infographics and full-color cut-paper art. Insects focuses on the creepy-crawly world of bugs.


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Through infographics and illustrations readers will learn about the sometimes gross and absolutely always fascinating world of insects. With astounding numbers, facts, and figures, discover some of the most astonishing aspects of the animals that outnumber us humans on the planet: bugs!

With Steve Jenkins’s signature art style, his By the Numbers reader series explores the most fascinating fields of nature and natural science. These readers are fact-packed and run the gamut from dinosaurs to dwarf planets, detailing the astonishing phenomena that make our universe such an incredible place to live and learn. Each title uses engaging graphics and visual literacy to convey scientific facts and concepts, making them accessible for all kinds of new readers.

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