Infographic Human Body Incredible Facts, Visually Presented

By Kevin Pettman

Explore the fascinating workings of your brain, how the heart works, what goes on in your digestive system, and more in this awesome visual fact book!


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This stylishly packaged full-color art guide enables artists of all abilities to create their own fantasy worlds and characters. Produce the angular skeleton of a dragon’s wing, the ornate armor of a fearsome samurai, and the careful point of a wood elf’s ear by following clear, step-by-step instructions.

By completing an array of drawing projects, you will learn:
• Different materials and techniques
• Drawing proportions and poses
• How to create elaborate costuming
• And more!

Using the handy practice grids included in the book, you can then build up your own characters and creations, bringing your personal fantasy world to life.

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