Hunter’s Choice

By Trent Reedy

His clothes and boots were packed. His Remington 783 bolt0action rifle and plenty of 6.5 Creedmoor rounds were locked in Dad’s pickup. He was ready. The weekend of his first-ever hunt had arrived.


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Hunter Higgins has been dreaming about his first hunting trip for as long as he can remember. He’s taken the gun safety classes, earned his license, and become one of the best marksmen in his family. Now he’s finally able to join his father, uncle, and grandfather at their family’s cabin for the first hunt of the season. There’s only one problem: Hunter isn’t sure he can actually kill an animal.

To make things even more complicated, hunter’s cousin Yumi unexpectedly arrives at the cabin with her friend Annette. Yumi is there for her first hunt, too–but hanging over the weekend is tension between her and her dad, an Army vet haunted by his experiences in combat. As the family sets out into the wilderness, Hunter is anxious about the possibility of failing on his first hunt and must grapple with the role he wishes to play in his relationship to nature and wildlife.

Propulsive, gripping, and authentically told, Hunter’s Choice is a high-stakes adventure about strength, family, and what it means to have the power of life and death in one’s hands.

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