How to Kidnap the Rich

By Rahul Raina

When Ramesh and Rudi are kidnapped, they turn the tables and become kidnappers themselves. Their dizzying journey reveals an India in all its complexity, beauty, and squalor.


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Brilliant yet poor, Ramesh Kumar grew up working at his father’s tea stall in the Old City of Delhi. Now, he makes a lucrative living taking tests for the sons of India’s elite—a situation that becomes complicated when one of his clients, the sweet but hapless eighteen-year-old Rudi Saxena, places first in the All Indias, the national university entrance exams, thanks to him.

Ramesh sees an opportunity—perhaps even an obligation—to cash in on Rudi’s newfound celebrity, not knowing that Rudi’s role on a game show will lead to unexpected love, followed by wild trouble when both young men are kidnapped.

But Ramesh outwits the criminals who’ve abducted them, turning the tables and becoming a kidnapper himself. As he leads Rudi through a maze of crimes both large and small, their dizzying journey reveals an India in all its complexity, beauty, and squalor, moving from the bottom rungs to the circles inhabited by the ultra-rich and everywhere in between.

A caper, social satire, and love story rolled into one, How to Kidnap the Rich is a wild ride told by a mesmerizing new talent with an electric voice.

About the Author

Rahul Raina divides his time between Oxford and Delhi. He is twenty-eight years old and splits his time be-tween running a consultancy in England, and working for charities and teaching English in India. How to Kidnap the Rich, his first novel, was written in the hundred degree-plus heat of New Delhi.

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