Hilo Gina and the Big Secret Book 8 Book 8 of Hilo Series

By Judd Winick

With DJ and HILO’s help, can Gina find the key to turn the world back to what it was? Find out in Hilo 8–a laugh-out-loud, action-packed adventure filled with epic battles! True friendship! Good jokes! Bad jokes! Giant (hilarious) monsters! Spoiled royals! Prophecies! Good! Evil! And much, much more!


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There’s a new Earth! The world’s timeline has been turned upside down! Now magical creatures are everywhere, and DJ’s family is nowhere to be found. Gina has to fix things–FAST! But magic is banned on this new earth. Can she keep hers a secret? And together, can DJ, Gina, and Hilo find the key to fixing the earth before DJ’s family–not to mention the entire world as they know it–is gone forever?

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