Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends Volume 3

By Yomi Hirasaka

Rated Older Teen (16+)


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Freak Out! Meet the Neighbors Club-an unfortunate group of even more unfortunate people trying to make friends by doing things like playing bishoujo games and trying their hand at acting…to no avail.

Existing members Mikazuki Yozora and Kashiwazaki Sena (two beautiful girls to be avoided) and Kusunoki Yukimura (a boy dressed as a lovely-and female-maid) are joined by a young nun and a girl genius who push all the limits. How will this affect Hasegawa Kodaka (the only one with common sense, although that doesn’t mean he has any friends either)? And then there’s his little sister, with a look in her eyes that says she’s hatching a sinister plot…!

Category: Genre: Fiction, Manga sku: 9781937867300

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