Gunman’s Pass

By Ralph Cotton

A keen judge of horseflesh takes a wild ride in this suspenseful new western by USA Today bestselling author Ralph Cotton.


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Two deputies, fresh from a hear-won gunfight with the gang of notorious outlaw Dolan Coyle, stroll into a saloon in the dusty little town of Eagles. Inquiring after one Will Summers, they are looking to swap out their exhausted horses, and they could use extra men, too. Just on the outskirts of town, Axel Coyle waits with the remnants of his brother’s crew, ready to shoot down the men who captured their leader. The deputies offer Summers a paid position in the posse escorting Dolan into federal custody. If they only knew how well acquainted the horse trader once was with the killer chained up out front, they might rethink their proposal.

Dolan has chosen a reckless trail for himself, like Summers and many others did in their early years. Summers could not say exactly what directed him off that trail before it managed to settle into his blood, but he’s grateful.

He just doesn’t know if that resolution will hold now that his past has landed on him out of a clear blue sky.

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