Great Breakthroughs in Physics How The Study of Matter and Its Motion Changed the World

By Robert Snedden

Fully illustrated and augmented with helpful timelines, this book provides an essential introduction to this fascinating subject.


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In this highly accessible history, Robert Snedden looks at what has been described as the fundamental science – the one that underpins all others. From its roots in ancient Greek philosophy and geometry, through the discovery of the laws of gravity, planetary motion, and thermodynamics, to the weird and wonderful world of quantum mechanics, readers are taken on an illuminating journey through humankind’s attempts to understand what makes our world work.

The pursuit of knowledge over the centuries by scientists such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Richard Feynman has revealed a treasure trove of information about laws that govern our universe. Great Breakthroughs in Physics reveals how these brilliant individuals built on the work of their predecessors and arrived at their stunning discoveries.

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