Ghosts and the Spirit World True Cases of Hauntings and Visitations from the Earliest Records to the Present Day

By Paul Roland


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Can ghostly arms really appear out of walls? How do you explain the sudden appearance of a shadowy figure in a doorway? Do guardian angles really exist? Throughout history, ghostly visitations have exerted a powerful grip on the public imagination, but the present-day accounts in Ghosts and the Spirit World show us that poltergeists and restless souls are still very much with us.

Packed with tales of out-of-body experiences, extraordinary sightings and other paranormal phenomena, this book also investigates ghostly materializations in photos and on film and delves into the modern obsession with paranormal reality TV shows. Featuring many real-life testimonials appearing in print for the first time, it looks at demonic possession and its flipside – ghosts who appear in order to do a good turn.

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