Fright A Scare-Raising, Dice-Chucking, Card-Playing, Back-Stabbingly Awesome, Friend-Killing, Good Time

This is FRIGHT. The unforgivable gaming pastime when YOU create the GHOSTS, and then watch them haunt you…till the bitter and complacent end. Fun for the entire, uh, family.


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Welcome to a uniquely innovative and relationship killing, gameplay experience, where you turn your closest friends into malevolent and vengeful GHOSTS, by literally SCARING THEM TO DEATH! The goal? Be the last Meat-Bag left Alive.

The only game where it’s just as much fun to die as it is to win
Your only mission is to stay alive
Uniquely innovative game play that relies on chance AND strategy
Learn to play in 5 minutes; spend the rest of your life mastering the game

Game includes: 5 Tombstones, 25 Scare Tokens, 5 Possessed Dice, 1 Phase Coin, 43 Fright Cards, 1 Game Map, 1 “Words to Live By”

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