Finn’s Fun Trucks: Space Squad A Lift-the-Page Book

By Finn Coyle

Finn LOVES trucks! In this book, Finn features some of his favorite space machines, like a spaceplane and a satellite, and with the help of the space squad explains the exciting job each one has when it comes to exploring space. Just lift the page to find out what each of Finn’s Fun Trucks can do!


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A diverse range of space scientists introduce the machines they use to explore and study space.

Children will discover the spectacular space fleet, including a carrier rocket, spaceplane, space exploration vehicle, satellite, and the International Space Station. As children are asked if they know what each machine does, the answer is revealed under a sturdy full-page flap.

About the Finn’s Fun Trucks series: Written by teen truck enthusiast Finn Coyle, the Finn’s Fun Trucks series provides a vocabulary-rich introduction to transportation for truck-loving children with the help of a diverse range of vehicle operators and community helpers. Each spread has a full page lift-the-flap feature providing a wealth of learning and discovery in each book.

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