Finding Hope Book 3 Book 3 of A Tompkin's Mill Novel

By Janice Kay Johnson

In this heartwarming and affecting Amish romance, a young woman has the chance to begin a new life in the Amish community after old betrayals come to light.


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Hannah Prescott was used to the transitory life–her mother had always been a wild child, and throughout her life, Hannah became used to taking care of someone who never settled down. But everything changes when Hannah receives the startling news that her mother stole her away from her biological father and the Amish community at a young age.

Although heartbroken and confused, Hannah decides that in order to find out who she is, she needs find out who she could have been. This includes not only a relationship with father, but also the chance to make a connection with a younger widower who recently moved to the settlement with his children. While her mother still disdains the Amish, and her new community s wary of outsiders, only Hannah can know if she’s brave enough to commit to a fresh start and a real home.

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