Fallen Book 13 Book 13 of Kate Burkholder

By Linda Castillo

In New York Times bestselling author Linda Castillo’s new thriller, a rebellious Amish woman leaves the plain life, but the secrets she takes with her will lead Chief of Police Kate Burkholder down a dark path toward danger and death.


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When a young woman is found murdered in a Painters Mill motel, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is shocked to discover she once knew the victim. Rachael Schwartz was a charming but troubled Amish girl who left the fold years ago and fled to Painters Mill. Why was she back in town? And who would killer her so brutally?

Kate remembers Rachael as the only girl who was as bad at bring Amish as Kate was–and those parallels dog her. But the more Kate learns about Rachael’s life, the more she’s convinced that her dubious reputation was deserved. As a child, Rachael was a rowdy rulebreaker whose decision to leave devastated her parents and best friend. As an adult, she was charismatic and beautiful, a rabble-rouser with a keen eye for opportunity no matter who got in her way. Her no-holds-barred lifestyle earned her a lot of love and enemies aplenty–both English and Amish.

As the case heats to a fever pitch and long-buried secrets resurface, a killer haunts Painters Mill. Someone doesn’t want Rachael’s past–or the mysteries she took with her to the grave–to come to light. As Kate digs deeper, violence strikes again, this time hitting close to home. Will Kate uncover the truth and bring a murderer to justice? Or will a killer bent on protecting a terrible past stop her once and for all–and let the fallen be forgotten?

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