Extra Large Print Sudoku

By Arcturus Publishing

This brilliant sudoku collection contains puzzles and their solutions in extra large-print type, so that they are easy for everyone to read, and extra enjoyable to solve. Test your sudoku skills, not your eyes!


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This amazing collection, with each puzzle on a page to itself and in extra large-print type, is designed to be very easy to read including by those who find that regular print books can cause eye strain. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from completing each sudoku and seeing your skills improve as you move up the difficulty level!
• EASY-TO-READ PUZZLES AND SOLUTIONS: Large-print type with plenty of space around the puzzles means that you won’t strain your eyes as you solve them.
• EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN: Give your mind a great workout as you pit your wits against these number-placement teasers.
• REMOVES STRESS: Let your stress melt away by working through these satisfying puzzles.

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