Escape This Book! Race to the Moon Draw Yourself into and Out of History!

By Bill Doyle

Part activity book, part adventure novel, The Escape This Book series makes YOU the star of history! Doodle, decide, and demolish your way through the Apollo 11 Moon landing–the perfect book for fun and educational reading!


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Doodle, decide, and demolish your way through the space race!

Reader, beware! Once you open this book, there is no turning back. You will have THREE chances to join NASA’s space program and help the Apollo missions reach the mood!

Mission Commander: You’re the astronaut in charge on the spacecraft. Can you solve problems as big as an onboard explosion and as small as low-gravity food fight?

Moon Buggy Driver: Be in the driver’s seat while exploring the moon’s surface on four wheels. You just have to safely land the lunar module first! Easy, right?

Flight Director: You’re the boss at Mission Control. Can you make split-second decisions to keep the astronauts safe on their trip to the moon?

In the Escape This Book! series, YOU are the star of history! Doodle your way through adventures as you try to find the best path for survival. Don’t be afraid to rip or fold a page…Your escape may depend on it!

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