Escape Book: The Cursed Temple – Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior Book 1 Book 1 of Escape Book Series

By Alain Puyssegur

Solve puzzles and riddles with your favorite Minecraft hero and other characters (including pirates and ghosts) in order to escape the book, in The Escape Book series!


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Just when you thought you were going to spend some quiet time in Villagetown, a mysterious temple suddenly emerges from the ocean! Breeze left to scout it out, but she never returned…Without hesitating, you go search for her–but you may possibly become the temple’s next prisoner. An array of puzzles stand between you and any hope of freedom. There’s no doubt Herobrine is behind all of this…

With the help of Eeebs, a kitten unlike any other, you’ll have to try your hardest if you want to find Breeze and leave the Cursed Temple alive!

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