Eight Perfect Hours

By Lia Louis

When perfect strangers Noelle and Sam meet by chance during a blizzard and spend one perfect evening together, they think they’ll never see each other again. But fate seems to have different plans…


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On a snowy evening in January, thirtysomething Noelle Butterby is on her way back from an event at her old college when disaster strikes. With a blizzard closing off roads, she finds herself stranded, alone in her car without food, drink, or even worse, a working charger for her phone.

All seems lost until handsome Sam Attwood, also trapped in a nearby car, knocks on her window and offers assistance. After eight perfect hours together, morning arrives and the roads finally clear. The two strangers part, positive they’ll never see each other again, but fate has something else in mind. As the two keep serendipitously bumping into each other, they begin to realize that perhaps there truly is no such thing as a coincidence.

Category: Genre: Fiction, Romance sku: 9781982135942

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