Edouard Manet

By Ann Sumner

This lavishly illustrated full-color hardback explores the life and work of French modernist painter Eduard Manet.


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Manet was one of the first artists in the 19th century to paint modern life and everyday subjects, including the then scandalous Le dejeuner sur l’herbe. Recognized for his paintings of bars and other everyday meeting places, Manet marked the transition from realism to the looser, freer style that signaled the beginnings of modern art.

Art historian Ann Sumner explores the contribution he made to the art world, particularly his embracing of ordinary people as appropriate artistic subjects. She also analyses his technique, the materials he used, and showcases his most iconic paintings – including Olympia, A Bar at the Folies-Bergere and Corner of a Café-Concert – alongside fascinating biographical detail.

Featuring timelines and information boxes, this addition to The Great Artists series provides a wonderful introduction to this influential modernist painter.

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