Dream Big, Little One

By Becky Davies

This positive, reaffirming story encourages little ones to be themselves, find happiness and friendship around every bend, and know that they can be anything they want to be!


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A parent’s wish for his or her child encourages little ones to always look for the biggest and brightest and most wonderful things in their lives. The world is theirs; they can dream of the places they will visit, the friends they will make, and the joy and laughter that will fill their lives. They will learn to shape their world the way they want it to be, and all the while, they will know just how proud their parents are of them.

About the Author

Becky Davies is a children’s book editor and author from the South West of England. Her favorite things are animals, books about magic, and anything sparkly. In a parallel universe she lives in Hawaii, where she works in a dog sanctuary and surfs until the sun sets beyond the horizon.

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