Drawing & Painting Flowers A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Beautiful Floral Artworks

By Jill Winch


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With their gorgeous array of hues, structural beauty, and graceful charm, flowers are among the most delightful subjects for artists to draw. This accessible book is aimed at those who want to translate their love of the natural world into vivid and accurate illustrations–in both pencil and watercolor. Drawing and Painting Flowers is packed with examples and exercises across the full floral range, from simple structures, such as tulips, to more complex configurations such as sunflowers, and compositions involving groups of flowers.

Award-winning botanical artist Jill Winch gives clear, concise instruction in the techniques of reproducing flowers in pencil and in paint, breaking the process down into manageable steps. She gives advice on how to position flowers, how to prevent them from wilting, and how using a microscope can help the artist to better understand their structure. The book is illustrated throughout with Jill’s own beautiful drawings and paintings.

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