Dogwinks Book 6 True Godwink Stories of Dogs and the Blessings They Bring - Book 6 of The Godwinks Series

By Squire Rushnell & Louise DuArt

The bestselling and beloved Godwink series returns with a charming, dog-focused collection of true stories–touching hearts and lifting hopes.


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Everyone knows dogs are loyal and loving companions, but is it possible that God uses our canine friends to deliver Godwinks–sweet messages of comfort and encouragement?

Proof can be found in the twenty heartwarming stories contained in Dogwinks. At the center of each amazing tale is a dog whose actions show how God works in out lives. Ruby is an irrepressible Australian shepherd-border collie mix who becomes a true lifesaver; Trixie, a little tan terrier, inspired an entire platoon of US soldiers in World War II; while Muff, a Dalmatian pup, survived a tornado and years of neglect to find her way back home. These are stories you’ll read again and again, drawing strength from the wonderful real-life characters–two-legged and four-legged.

Entertaining and life-affirming, Dogwinks celebrates the power of our furry friends to help us just when we need it the most.

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