Dog Tales True Stories of Heroic Hounds

By Penelope Rich

This collection of true tales of canine courage, loyalty, and intelligence will warm any dog-lover’s heart. Find out about Mera, the fearless mountaineering dog, Jasmine, the Greyhound who rescued baby deer and foxes, and Otto, the famous skateboarding Bulldog. These awesome adventures feature more than 30 dogs from all over the world-some talented, some brave, some clever-and all of them with incredible storied to tell.


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In this uplifting, beautifully illustrated book, readers will discover the incredible true stories of talented, brave, and daring dogs whose exploits have made them world-famous. These tales of canine courage, loyalty and intelligence will warm any dog-lovers heart. Over 30 stories are included, accompanied by delightful full-color illustrations by Isabel Muñoz.

Find out all about…
• Balto and Togo, who bravely led sleds carrying a life-saving vaccine through the Alaskan wilderness
• Bobbie, who journeyed 2,500 miles from Indiana, to return to his family in Oregon
• Belka and Strelka, the first dogs in space
• Chips, the most decorated war dog of WWII
• … and so many more!

A fantastic gift for animal-lovers aged 8+.

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