Daughters of the Occupation A Novel of WWII

By Shelly Sanders

Inspired by true events in World War II Latvia, an emotionally charged novel of sacrifice, trauma, resilience, and survival, as witnessed by three generations of women.


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On one extraordinary day in 1940, Miriam Talan’s comfortable life is shattered. While she gives birth to her second child, a son she and her husband, Max, name Monya, the Soviets invade the Baltic state of Latvia and occupy the capital city of Riga, her home. Because the Talans are wealthy Jews, the Soviets confiscate Max’s business and the family’s house and bank accounts, leaving them with nothing.

Then the Nazis arrive. They kill Max and begin to round up Jews. Fearing for her newborn son and her young daughter, Illana, Miriam asks her loyal housekeeper to hide them and conceal their Jewish roots to keep them safe until the savagery ends.

Three decades later in Chicago, twenty-four-year-old Sarah Byrne is mourning the untimely death of her mother, Illana. Sarah’s estranged grandmother, Miriam, attends the funeral, opening the door to shocking family secrets. Sarah probes Miriam for information about the past, but it is only when Miriam is in the hospital, delirious with fever, that she begs Sarah to find the son she left behind in Latvia.

Traveling to the Soviet satellite state, Sarha begins her search with the help of Roger, a charismatic Russian-speaking professor. But as they come closer to the truth, she realizes her quest may have disastrous consequences.

A magnificent, emotionally powerful story of family and the lingering devastation of war, Daughters of the Occupation explores how trauma is passed down in families, and illuminates the strength of grace that can be shared by generations.

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