Christmas Stories Heartwarming Classics of Angels, a Manger, and the Birth of Hope

By Max Lucado

A heartwarming collection of Christmas stories and reflections from beloved author Max Lucado.


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These stories–like your favorite Christmas ornaments–come in all shapes and sizes. They unfold in a variety of settings, from ancient Bethlehem to rural England, from a small Texas town to the heavenly realms. Some are short. Others, many chapters long. Some offer invitations to consider. Others imagine Christmas through the eyes of a burnt-out candlemaker, a lonely businessman, or a group of angels. Yet all resonate with the wonder of the season.

“In the mystery of Christmas,” Max writes, “we find its majesty. The mystery of how God became flesh, why he chose to come, and how much he must love his people. Such mysteries can never be solved, just as love can never be diagrammed. Christmas is best pondered not with logic, but imagination.”

In the bustle and hurry that often distract us this time of year, each of these unique Christmas stories frees us to reflect on the ways in which Christ’s coming has forever changed history–and us.

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