Children’s Encyclopedia of Unexplained Mysteries

By Stuart Webb

Is the Yeti real? Has an alien species visited Earth? It’s time to examine the evidence…


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Young readers can investigate the mysterious world of the paranormal with this compelling visual full-color guide. Full of fascinating accounts and eerie photographs, this children’s encyclopedia of the unknown explores the hidden stories behind unexplained and weird phenomena that have baffled mankind throughout history.

• Ghosts: haunted houses, possession, messages from beyond the grave.
• UFOs: sightings, Area 51, photographic evidence.
• Aliens: encounters, photographs, abductions.
• Atlantis and other lost worlds: theories, sunken monuments, lost science.
• Bigfoot and other cryptids: sightings, photographs, fossils.

A compelling read for children aged 8+.

About the Series

Arcturus Children’s Reference Library uses stunning photography, fabulous facts and useful diagrams to introduce a variety of subjects – from the animal kingdom to space. Great to dip into, these reference guides are a staple for any child’s bookshelf.

About the Author

Stuart Webb is a prolific and popular author of children’s non-fiction, who has written on a wide range of subject areas. He has an especially strong interest in science and history, and lives with his family in London, UK.

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