Catch That Wave Magic Bone Book 2

By Nancy Krulik

With one bite of his magic bone, Sparky lands on a beach in Hawaii. What’s a dog to do? Eat, make friends, eat, learn the hula, eat, surf, and eat! But when the waves get too high, Sparky had to decide if he should rescue a friend or his magic bone. Because without his bone, he’ll never get home! What will this dog do?


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It’s time for Sparky to go to school–Obedience School–where he’ll learn to sit, heel, come, and stay. But Sparky would rather be anywhere else but school. So what does he do? You guessed it: chomp on his magic bone! This time he lands in Hawaii, where he runs along the beach, makes new friends, and even learns to hula. Just as he’s ready to go home, though, he finds his new friend in trouble and his magic bone washing out to sea. Read along to see if Sparky will be able to save both his friend and his bone–and make it home again!

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