Bye Bye Binky I'm A Big Kid Book - Touch and Feel Sensory Board Book

By Rachael McLean


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Follow Little Hippo as he says goodbye to his pacifier once and for all. This fun, colorful, shaped board book will help children deal with that seemingly tough obstacle as they grow up. Read along to find all the fun and different ideas Little Hippo comes up with on how to get rid of his binky. Each spread in this toddler book contains a different touch and feel element and the cover is die cut to peek through to the first page.
Encourages kids that it is ok to give up their binky as they get older.
Features different touch-and-feel elements on the cover and each spread of this kid’s book.
Colorful, original illustrations are included in this toddler book.
Interactive fun and tactile learning in this children’s book will engage young readers.
Short rhyming sentences make for a fun read.
Toddlers will enjoy the different touch and feel elements.
Add a new baby book to a child’s library today!

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