Buster’s Trip to Victory Lane

By Dale Earnhardt Jr.

When practice doesn’t go well for Buster, his undercarriage fills with nervous rumbles. He’s sure race day will be a disaster. Can Buster make his worries take a back seat during the big race? Or will he let his nervous rumblies win? What if the best way to stop worrying it to help a friend in need?


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Buster’s fears take the roar out of his engine. He’d rather be safe in the garage than out on the track! But his new teammates are counting on him. And when they need his help, Buster remembers Coach Hog’s secret to overcoming worries.

Legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s flair for originality and fun shines through as Buster shows kids how rewarding it is to persevere. Packed with personal nods to Dale Jr.’s racing legacy, this book will fill your child’s emotional take with the fuel they need to move past any bump in the road and finish that final lap!

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