Braver A Wombat's Tale

By Suzanne Selfors & Walker Ranson

The extraordinary tale of one bold wombat’s adventure to find her parents and save her kingdom following an attack by a vicious group of swamp rats and a Tasmanian devil.


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Lola Budge isn’t your average bare-nosed wombat. While her parents and neighbors in the Northern Forest want nothing more than peace and quiet, Lola loves to talk. Bored by the quiet routine wombat life, she desperately wants something, anything, interesting to happen.

But when Lola follows the terrifying sound of unfamiliar screeching, she discovers a predator who has been kept in exile for many generations. And this creature has captured the peaceful wombats and carted them away-including Lola’s parents.

To have her family, Lola will need help from the queen of the Tassie Island herself. But the road to the golden city of Dore is long and treacherous for a young wombat, especially with predators on the loose. Lola will have to brave infested swamps, rushing rivers, and soaring heights, while encountering all sorts of strange critters, both friend and foe.

Riveting and heartwarming, this is the story of a wombat who is much braver than anyone imagined.

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