Brain Workout Word Search Over 200 Large-Print, Fun-to-Solve Puzzles

Welcome to a new kind of word search – all the fun of regular word search puzzles, but with an extra brain-boosting workout in each one!


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You’ve probably heard that puzzles are good for your brain and it’s true! A study presented at the annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference found that the more often people tried solving word puzzles, the higher they scored on tests of cognitive function, including attention, reasoning, and memory.

Word search puzzles are good for your brain because solving requires recalling information: What was that word again, and how is it spelled? And these brain-boosting puzzles take it one step further: In addition to the printed word list, every one of these puzzles includes a Bonus Workout. You’ll need to answer trivia questions to come up with more words to find in the puzzle grid, or stretch your brain by making connections between the clues. You might even learn something new as you solve the puzzle-and scientists think that new learning stimulates cognition, too.

To solve each puzzle, search for the words on the list in the grid. You may find them reading left to right, but words may also run backward (right to left), vertically (either top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top), or even on a diagonal. Then solve the Bonus Workout to find even more words in the grid. And have fun!”

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