Blood for Blood Sixkiller, U.S. Marshal

By J. A. Johnstone & William W. Johnstone

Johnstone Country. Where others fear to tread. John Henry Sixkiller, a Cherokee U.S. marshal who takes the jobs no one wants to touch, hunts down the most dangerous outlaws and killers infesting the American West. VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE


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Judge Ephraim Doolittle is begging for help. A killer he sent to the gallows has a brother who has sworn vengeance on judge and jury both. John Henry Sixkiller is the perfect man for this job. And he will do it the hard way: getting himself arrested, busting out of jail, and worming his way into an outlaw haven run by a beautiful, amoral woman. Lottie Dalmas, the lover of the late outlaw Henry Garrett, is at the center of the plot for revenge, with stone-cold killers at her beck and call. But someone else is also running the show, a remorseless, brutal outlaw hiding in plain sight and already moving toward his next killing: of John Henry Sixkiller himself . . .

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