Becoming Free Indeed My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear

By Jinger Duggar Vuolo

Her religious transformation began with discovering the heart of the Bible and the essence of Christian Faith.


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Jinger grew up believing the Bible was primarily a rulebook and that faith was about executing God’s laws to perfection. Through conversations with Christians who did not follow Bill Gothard, Jinger discovered that the principles ingrained in her were less about God’s love and grace and more about man’s willingness to manipulate Scripture to harness fear and increase influence.

Now married and living in Los Angeles, Jinger is continuing to work on disentangling the religion she grew up with and the faith she is accepting as her own. She doesn’t wish to throw off the faither of her youth, but she does want to detach from its legalism.

As she is growing to better understand God’s love for her, she wants her daughters to experience that love as well. Now more than ever Jinger understands that Christianity is about knowing Jesus and true freedom is found in His grace.

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