Astrid Sees All

By Natalie Standiford

An irresistible endearing novel about female friendship, sex and romance, and what it’s like to be a young woman teetering on the brink of self-destruction and self-discovery.


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New York, 1984: In search of excitement and adventure, twenty-two-year-old Phoebe Hayes joins her best friend, Carmen, on the Lower East Side, not only to chase the glamorous life she craves but also to confront Ivan, the older man who wronged her. As they make their home in an underworld haunted by artists, “It” girls, and lost souls trying to party the pain away, Carmen juggles her junkie-musician boyfriend and sexy painter while Phoebe, as Astrid the Star Girl, tells fortunes in a nightclub and plots her revenge on Ivan.

When the intoxicating brew of sex, drugs, and self-destruction leads Phoebe to betray Carmen, she begins an unstoppable descent into darkness. She may have a chance to save herself – and Carmen, if she can find her – but first she must face what’s hiding in the shadows she’s been running from.

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