Angry Birds Playground Atlas A Global Geography Adventure

By Elizabeth Carney

Follow along with your favorite Angry Birds characters as they fly around the world discovering continents, countries, and cultures. Kids will be hooked on a wacky search for the Angry Birds’ eggs as they seek out clues that lead them to amazing discoveries. Readers analyze and observe the world from a global perspective as they build basic skills. Packed with learning exercises and fun activities, the Angry Birds Playground: Atlas will transform kids into explorers and leave them wanting more adventure.


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It’s a global adventure with the Angry Birds. It’s time to pack your bags and join the fun as the Angry Birds learn all about the world! It starts when a mysterious book washes up on the shores of Piggy Island. It’s full of colorful maps and wonderful pictures of far-off places, people, and animals. What in the world could it be? An atlas! As the gang dives in, they imagine what it would be like to wing by the Statue of Liberty, zigzag over the Golden Gobi Desert, chill out with the penguins, and chirp in new languages. The atlas guides you through cultures, countries, and cities while the birds keep you laughing the whole way. By the end only one question remains…where in the world is Piggy Island?

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